Myth - Beyond

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  • Myth - Beyond


       ||: Dm Dm Bb Bb :||

                    Dm         Bb
       It was a story told for years
                    Dm                Bb
       When a young girl dwelled this land
       With eyes shore like the star
                      A          Dm
       And a smile that charmed both heaven and earth

                    Dm                   Bb
       The moon was ashamed when next to her
                    Dm             Bb
       And the flowers bowed their heads
       Her songs could tame the beasts
             A           Dm
       Her hands could wave all sorrows away

      Dm         A         Gm
     * Yet that Fate was envy 'bout this girl'
                    Dm           Bb      A
       And a plot was planned to lay her down

                    Dm      Bb
       To a pasture she was led
                    Dm            Bb
       Where the grass was always green
       In the midst of this wonderland
                         A         Dm
       Stood the plant that'd bring her permanent end
       Repeat *

       || Dm D# | Dm D# | C D | C B ||
                                         ■ better use bar chords!
       || Em Dm | Em Dm | A E | D C# ||

                    F#m              C#
       The plant of death was in her eyes
                    Bm                  E
       Sending its fragrant through the air
       Laughter form below was heard

                    F#m          C#
       With a touch the task was done
                    Bm              E
       Like an arrow it speared her heart
       Like venom it killed her light

                    F#m   C#
       As her body slowly dropped
                    Bm          E
       Stopped the singing from around
       Her soul left without a sound

          Dm  Am  E  E

       ||: Dm | Am | F G | E :||

       || F E | F E ||

                    Am            E
       The god of love was deeply hurt
                    Dm      G
       When the tragedy was known
       It cut right into his heart

                    Am                E
       With tears and pain he flew to her
                    Dm                 G
       To end this sorrow he drawn his sword
       How red the blood that sprayed around

                    Am              E
       As the thorns grew around it stem
                    Dm           G
       And the petals stained in red
       Turned the plant into a rose

          Gm  Fm  Bb
       Cm  Gm  Fm  Bb
       Cm  Gm  Fm  Bb       (Cm)
       Ha......          Hmm...

       -by Steve Boy-

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